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The Link Stash

The Link Stash

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Meet your ride's new best friend: the Link Stash. It's all about keeping your spare chain split link safe, silent, and super accessible. Just clip it onto your brake cable, and boom, you're set for a smooth ride without any surprises. It's like the worry-proof cape your bike never knew it needed 😉

  • Magnetic Silent Storage: Magnetic closure securely holds your spare chain split link, eliminating any noise or rattles so you can focus on your ride.

  • Secure Fit on All Brake Hoses: Compatible with 5mm, 5.5mm brake hoses, and braided hoses, featuring a design that prevents sliding down once installed for a reliable 'fit and forget' experience.

  • Universal Chain Compatibility: Fits all sizes and brands of spare split links, making it a versatile accessory for every cyclist, regardless of chain type or brand, or riding discipline - road or mtb.

  • Compact & Lightweight Design: Enhances your bike’s aesthetics without adding bulk, made from robust materials for durability in any environment.

  • Quick & Easy Access: Simple to install and easy to access, providing an essential solution for quick and efficient chain repairs on the go.

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